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During bad weather like high winds, heavy rain and freezing temperatures, the materials that cover the exterior of any residential property can take a real beating. Is the home you’re responsible for fully protected? If it has been a while since you’ve looked at siding maintenance, we can help.

GTA Siding & Contracting are the local leaders in exterior siding installation, material sourcing, and meeting tight deadlines. Our flexible scheduling options will allow you to keep your build running on time and on budget, without interruptions to your regularly scheduled activities. Call today to book a free consultation!

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Hire the Right Siding Contractors for All the Difference

Unfortunately, not all siding companies are made up of the same hard-working, long-term professionals we are fortunate to employ, and worse— some are not even equipped to handle the scale of the jobs they take on and mistakes are made. Prevent this from becoming your reality by partnering with siding contractors, like us, who have years of experience and high scores of good references under our belts.

Vinyl Siding Is Cost-Effective and Versatile in Style Options

Are you looking for the best structural protection and longevity for your hard-earned dollar? Vinyl siding is the perfect choice for restrictive budgets because of its low cost and ability to stand up to the toughest conditions. Available in a vast selection of hues and finishes, vinyl is a great way to restore the exterior of your home to its former glory and will keep your home safe from moisture. Here are some of the top benefits of choosing this durable material:

  • Available in a multitude of styles and finishes to suit any taste
  • Can be used in combination with other surface coverings like natural stone and brick
  • Energy efficient
  • Keeps heat and cooled air inside the building
  • Resistant to discoloration from weather and ultra violet rays
  • Resistant to high winds and impact
  • Resists warping, expanding, and cracking during extreme weather changes
  • Rot and humidity resistant
  • Value-driven price points

Fast Turns Arounds on Vinyl Siding Installation

It’s true, there are some other siding companies who claim to be able to offer the same low rates and stock the same quality materials as we do, but can they meet your tight deadlines? Fast turnarounds can make or break the success of a project and stop you from feeling the burn of having to temporarily restrict access to your home for safety reasons. Ask us about our 24-hour scheduling options and let us know how we can best meet your unique needs during a free consultation. Call us at (416) 937-1003.

Natural Wood Siding for a Warm Feel

Wood siding is a natural, eye catching option that will make your home stand out from the rest. The sky is the limit when it comes to the colors, natural finishes, stains and looks we can achieve.

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